The home embodies the memories and sentiments of our lives. The client of this house is an avid art collector. The paintings displayed throughout the house provide a vista into different scenes of his life. Art and living are intertwined in one perfect synergy.

Fueled with creative energy the designer envisioned the structure and form of the stairs to be an installation art that is suspended in space. It is a sculpture that connects space to the artworks and provides the space gradations. The opaque mass and the transparent glass create a juxtaposition of solid and void, substance and lightness. With modern lines, it provides the best backdrop and stage for the grand piano.

The low key and humble spirit of the literati are like the natural material and lines of the marble, immersed in the man-made lines of the space. Through the parabolic cuts and the transparent and translucent visual lines of the living room and dining room, the space is enriched with layering and meaning. Light, refractions, lines and curves dance elegantly in a spatial choreography. They are like whispers in space that gently pass by, at times reinforce and interact with each other, at times turning and converging, transitioning between solid and void, light and darkness. The space is embedded with different materials, wood veneer and stones. The matted and polished surfaces complement each other. Through the transformation of textures, all of these elements come together to make a splendid spatial storyline for the owner.

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