Location; Taipei, Taiwan
Size: 1,600 square foot / 148.76m2
Type: Residential
Project Designer: Dillon Chen
Firm: DC Interior Architecture Design

I often get asked questions like what is design? What is your style of design? Without complicating things I just say design is simply a problem solving profession and style is the fruit of labor after a long term communication process between the client and I.

One of the biggest problem with this space is the huge beam right above the entrance. Well… you can't really remove it can you? So, obviously the ceiling needs a complete new design. The new ceiling has to link the small bar, dinning area and the living room together without making all these elements look like separate entities that doesn't belong together.

Where does one look for ideas to design something that is constantly above one's head? I look to the weather map! Remember the high and low pressure symbols? That kind of gave me an idea of what this space should be like, it should be like the weather and the wind that converge and float around us. The space should be simple, elegant, fun and chic. The metallic laminate and varies color of mirrors were placed to further enhance this open space two bedroom studio.

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