The base is situated among mountains. All windows offer luxurious views of green hills, sea of trees, green shades and shadows of clouds, bringing infinite inspirations and allowing the design to return to nature.

Near the window is a wood-burning fireplace, standing still like a sculpture in the space, as a symbol of warmth.
The main wall consists of cut and grooved marble, of which the linear collaging blurs the thick and sturdy wall, demonstrating exquisite craft aesthetics. Through the suspended wall, you can see faintly, on the side of the dining room, bright sunlight passing through groves and treetops.

A row of black steel cabinets not only defines the boundary between the hallway and the living room, but also embellishes the structural column. The lively geometrical pattern of the cabinets brings a sense of transparency and rhythm visually.

The recreation area located in the high-ceiling attic has a romantic triangular skylight. Being in this space is like lying in a white outdoors tent. The wall for books is built using steel, wood and glass railings. Immersed in phytoncide and the literary atmosphere, this is no doubt a good place for story-telling, meditating o

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