Some simple geometric forms, vertical and parallel lines, squares, diamonds and some sorts of round and the purest color interpretations have been utilized into the individual spaces. Such beauty of space order, peace, ease and low-profile together with luxury have created sense of fashionable atmosphere, and have embedded aesthetics into our life tenderly.
Lights are indeed born with magic powers. They make the walls’ up-and-downs appear with even more sense of rhythm. They can create magic colorful grading even if simple colors have been used only. They can extend natural energy into every corner of the spaces and brighten our everyday life.
The color shading is based on environment-friendly white paints together with warm and cold textures of fireproof fabric material. The translucent glass, white mirror, light and warm stones may reflect the changes of light beams and scenes in the interactions of residence’s interior and exterior spaces. It helps indoor energy-saving, light conduction and mild ventilation, and they are affecting one another accordingly.

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