Location: Taipei, Taiwan

Size: 2,200 square foot / 204m2

Type: Residential

Project Designer: Dillon Chen

Firm: DC Interior Architecture Design

Originally a five small bedroom apartment was converted into a two large bedrooms, study and a guest room. By the removal of three major walls that separate this unique space designer Dillon Chen from DC Design created this open floor plan that comes with a open kitchen with bar and a floor to ceiling glass partition that separates the dinning area with the study.

Design is not just about making something look “pretty” in this case a space. When designing a residence the space should reflect the owner’s life style and personality. One of the major concern throughout the entire design process is that is it necessary to design every corner of the space? This is one of the major concerns for every designer – over designing.

DC Design took a different approach on this project by partially exposing the building structure. Instead of covering up the beams and walls with carpentry they’ve combined this design by harmoniously blending both elements together. In this case the big beam that every apartment has is no longer an eyesore, the bare white walls are no longer covered up by over designing some fancy carpentry work. It can be a main feature of the space.

Personal collection of small items such as books, models, CDs etc. Can also be a part of the whole design. Do not hide them in a cabinet or put them in a storage, show them off by designing or purchasing cool storage units.

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