A deliberate use of body’s penetration or partially open manner, which in addition to an oppressive perception of body giving to the public, also connects and extends the vision throughout each space.
With penetration through the body to observe external natural environment; hence, environment, light and shadow changes with physical structures, bringing different scenes of life experiences.

Start Scene / Start your dream
Atmosphere in the space comes from demands of life;
dreaming of an antique car, symbolizing taste;
having a big long table for banquet needs;
inviting friends with long chat during tasting drinks
empty shelf displays collections also memory
Passion for music and film appreciation
Looks areas separate but coherent and closely related
Dreams fly from this moment

Scene /close to nature
Distanced view in a glance
Spatial framing takes the environment forms a coexistence with the structure, a harmonious state with nature.
This is a lifestyle what we can understand;
it is a life space based on environment and base conditions, with the use of construction techniques forming relationship with natural environment

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