The Orona Zero building is the flagship building of the Orona Ideo Campus, a innovation city for the Orona lift manufacturing company. The building houses Orona´s corporate headquarters and its form is inspired by the circle, a constant shape in the company’s brand image. Its image wants to transmit elegance, dinamism and elevation through an abstract formal gesture: a hollow cylinder of 90m in diameter, 16m in height and a 15º incline. It rises from the ground to create a great overhang at the entrance and sinks on the opposite side, allowing passage through to the other side and generating a roof-façade for capturing solar energy.

Its architectural design is particularly sensitive to bioclimatic issues. The cylinder façade is made up of a skin composed of triangular pixels which change by means of a parametric design from: opaque, translucent and transparent, depending on their orientation, the incident to solar radiation, the access to external views and the privacy of the rooms.

The building has achieved Leed Gold and Breeam Excelent certifications and has been selected by the World Green Building Council as benchmark for Health, Wellbeing & Productivity in Offices.

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