Design Concept
Thanks to the close integration of music, art, and literature, the space obtains a fresh and lively rhythm, an internal elegance with a powerful grandeur, and an extension of the line beyond volume and space that overlaps and moderates the empty space, all of which contribute to an unparalleled spiritual feeling in the house.
Entry visitors with white delicate cones sequence of ascending and descending.idea comes from pipe organ in church,transform a room by filling it with melodious
The space is moderately blank,combined with the collections that art fully integrated into life
Literature: Combination of a stone fireplace and bookshelves enables a sense of artistic literacy
The Focus on Materials
In the public area, various ground materials are adopted for a barrier-free presentation that symbolizes the partition between the flow of the room and the individual spaces. A combination of varied materials, such as wood, cast iron, titanium, and natural stone that are used in the wall of the living room emphasize the delicate contrast and composition of the structure.

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