Simple and sleek curvy lines are used for the living space. Due to child safety concerns, the home is designed without any sharp edges.

Hallway, living room and recreational room are separated by functional cabinets and screens. The flexibility allows the owner to rearrange rooms anytime.

The TV wall meets the ceiling beams with a 45-degree angle. The mirrors covering the beams make and the room look more spacious, while adding functionalities of the living space.

The interior design is inspired by yachts and retro spirits from the 50’s. Indigo blue and mahogany give the space a tranquil and humble personality, which is contrasted by the titanium-plated matte gold lines on the wall. When working on the elevation, various sizes of doors windows are designed with exquisite details.

The philosophy behind this case is to build a home where one can enjoy beauty in relaxation and enjoyment. The whiteboard in the multi-functional room was originally prepared for the owner as a blank canvas. As the project ends, the designer did a sketch as a gift for the owner. The finishing touch enhances the ambiance of the living space.

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