It was a beautiful countryside located 30 minutes away by car from the client apartment, and the stream was flowing in front of the area, which was wide open to all directions. I wanted to bring all the hardships and emotions of their 70 years of life into the form of the building, so I started to build a mass with the concept of bricks, which show the signs of time. Bricks have been frequently used from a long time ago, and their time trace is left untouched. It is one of the leading construction materials that do not change. As for the concept of this design, one large standardized mass was cut out first, and we filled the empty space with another meaning to complete another mass. It was cut out in the “L” form first and then combined with another “L” space. The repetition of “L” space was defined as the basic framework of both internal and external spatial composition. In the end, the present figure after years of hardships is the “space of life” itself, not the rebirth of another solidified space.

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