Indefinite took its inspiration from adjacent majestic mountain ranges. The design concept borrowed the beauty of intertwining and layering vocabularies from the mountain ranges, and then interlocked them together as one.
The fade design is not separated from the building but together with the building mass as a whole. The main concept intertwining, layering, and interlocking are expressed from inside out. All the points of interweave, placement of materials, and aesthetic proportion on the facade are carefully put together to reduce the pressure impact of the building and to harmonize the building appearance with her project site.

The facade of Indefinite interacts with her surroundings naturally. The pattern of finish was inspired by the tree bark. The design of engraved stone captures the movement of light and shadow forming a unique texture that no elsewhere can be found. As the light and shadow are changing, projecting onto the stone finish, it seems like there is a conversation between them in time and space.

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