A space that needs to be seen accidentally, it assimilates a low profile literari texture with a flaming fire within its warmth.

Metaphors hidden between lines, is the first clue.

The horizontal lines of the wall interlace with the vertical lines of the ceiling, the marble’s natural pattern is found within the artificial lines of the art, the stylish cutting lines are extracted from the solid ground, and the translucent visual lines are exposed openly between the living room and the audio visual room, all connected through the S-shaped figure adorned on the ceiling, creating a flow within the mind.

Precisely integrated and strong explicit character contains and holds some sentimental softness.

Under the breaths and movements of the textures, a little more is understood, by us.

As for as our eyes could see, none of the extravagant colors are seen. Thus, it is within the same color pattern that we find the finesse collaged with the brightness of the stone, the piano and the mirror. Extraordinary and delicate. Maintaining only one style, but still preserving its defined intensity.

Through further understanding, you would find out how the owner’s depth comes from broad knowledge. The extension of the bookshelf builds up a treasure vault of knowledge and humanities, internalizing into the veins and souls of life, inward and outward, restlessly.

Undoubtedly, this space is difficult to describe with such few words because, in this absoluteness, we see not only a playful form, but an exhibition of a contemporary’s literari connotation.

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