A wall serves as a border to clearly differentiate various properties of usage and to truly define the existence of the “space”. However, in traditional 2d drawing technique, vertically-standing walls and rigid diagonal turning points that are borne due to demand are explored through methods of projection.
With 3D modeling, we can break the limits of projection, which is how we hope to find a new relationship between walls and lighting, and re-define the true continuity of borders themselves. With the accurate digital manufacturing, the border angles are precisely stitched to create blurred 3D borders with gray zones.
The single, large flowing surface serves as a physical representation of the continuity of life via its exploration of crafted techniques. The reading space using rough stones to create a contrast with the mild wood it wraps around which balances with the standalone piano under the ceiling. The design for kitchen and bedroom returns to simply expressing the true nature of the material, allowing their textures to fit into the atmosphere of the surrounding space. The details of the materials showcase the level of craftsmanship.

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