Haus Waltz is a three-storey house situated within an affluent enclave on the east coast of Singapore. To communicate fine living and stature, the aim was to create a modern interior architecture that is contemporary, yet timeless and elegant.

In consideration of achieving a modern form with a timeless look, walnut was chosen to be the main material and finish. But can wood convey movement and elegance?

In waltz, there is structure, pattern and elegance. There are two dance partners. Two bodies, with eyes looking at each other, and feet moving together – the two dancers move as one. Thus, a walnut column element was designed. Two long members representing two individuals. Joined together by a short member at the top and at the bottom, representing the eyes and the feet of the two dancers – connecting and moving as one.

The walnut column becomes the defining design element. The result is an interior that is contemporary, yet definitively refined.

A waltz with walnut. Haus Walzer.

Ed Ong
Interior Designer, Singapore

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