Ga-Pyeong region is located outskirts of Seoul. The site is famous for Arboretum, pine forest and mountains with rocks. We pursue to express the atmosphere of the site character on our master plan. The buildings are divided into three volumes along the slope. The buildings are merge into the nature. The last volume on lowest side is used as welcome center. The facade of the building is combination of mirror and black cedar wood panels. The mirror panels embrace the surrounding nature. We introduced two glamping designs. They are ‘rock flower’ and ‘dynamic triangle’. Both the buildings and the glamping are positioned along the inclined slope. The Glamping units are juxtaposed with a minimum change of the nature. We developed the Glamping unit and we named the design ‘Rock Flower’. The basic concept of ‘Rock Flower’ was inspired from the rocks on the site. There were number of large rocks on the inclined steep hill and the flowers were grown between gabs. The design intention is to express the glamping as flower buds on the rock. The shape and the position of the structures were carefully considered to give aesthetic emergence both during the day and the night time.

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