In addition to building the layers of materials and movement design, the spatial design also adopts the gap of lounge to connect the interior with exterior space via spatial field layout. Our specialized outdoor landscape is introduced to the interior planning for linked and integrated design. Meanwhile, the leisure soft furnishings between areas further embellish the warm and settled feeling of overall space. The open design extended the living room are to the bar, incorporated with natural light coming from big floor-to-ceiling glass window. It not only improves the expression of spatial light, but also builds up the layers by using the gap of elevated lounge area aside the floor-to-ceiling window extended from the outdoor landscape to create the beauty in different areas.In addition to the preferences of residents, we would like better to pursue different presentations and elements conversion. The TV wall in living room is made of stainless steel, while the rugged design of exposed pipe extended from ceiling of living room are all spirits and attitudes in different perspective of thought skipping from normal residence design.

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