Project Name: Xixi yuegong
Project Area:1000 square meters
Project Address:Dahua Xixifengqing65-1, Hangzhou
Project Style: American, neo-classical
Project Price: 10,000,000
Design Time:2013.04
Completion time:2014.05
Organization: DGZH Architectural Design Co., Ltd. / Zhu Zhanhao Design Office
Designers: Zhu Zanhao
Case Description:
The ultimate goal of human living space in addition to luxurious atmosphere,There are more invisible "body",One kind of recognition of the needs of others, A variety of their own indistinctness and duplicity, ideal space to filled up.
This case is a detached villa which located in Hangzhou Xixi wetland areas,the total area of about 1,000. Main designer Zhu Zanhao in this case as the main colors with dark, with a gorgeous Italian and show American simplicity, create a simple but also gorgeous room space environment. New American furniture which such so exquisite and delicate with luxurious atmosphere of the villa is just perfect blend, elegant yet unassuming, simple but not lack of luxury, inadvertently creating a breath of life.
In life, there are family photos in the corner, a small garden balcony not willing to give up, and an open kitchen, this laughter around the family, there are bright bathroom could let people to remove the tired, and also have a fully equipped entertainment space in the basement. Of life, this is not just a style, it should be an attitude to life!
A priceless villa, is host to the care of their loved ones, reflect the identity of others. A perfect villa design is to reflect the intentions of the owner. Carefully designed, carefully feeling life, feeling design in life…

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