In consideration of the complete material and storage space, there are an upper and lower floor in the same building, creating a British-casual style senior housing. The design was used for the material as a whole, increasing the integrity and extension of the space. Warm colors and decorative vocabulary is the keystone as a whole room.
By using wall sconce to make the walls have expressions, the space will be more structured and in depth, with chandeliers strengthening the light and beauty of the work area. The main space, including the living and dining rooms, extends the entrance and kitchen, in which can be used independently, and visions are interrelated as well. The main floor is based on the auditorium, guest room, open living room and restaurant, which is designed so that the family and visitors could have more contacts.
The private space upstairs links the upper-and-lower floor by a special curved staircase, a design making stairs stand as works of art between two floors, without compromising the beauty and the integrity of the space. The streamlined staircase flows up slowly, where adorned with photographs of the whole family.

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