The design concept is to recall the image of sitting in the shade, watching the clear water, and enjoying the sunlight spilling through the leaves. Several hollow squares are placed on a black wall to introduce natural light into the space, and this wall also mimics the scene of dropping rain to represent the special rainy climate of Hsichih.

The concept of using soft lines flowing from the ceiling extended to the wall is adopted from a Chinese traditional dance, the Ribbon dance, to symbolize a stream. Among those white lines, there is a popping green line to represent the natural atmosphere of the greenery in this location. A customized floor lamp meant to represent a large tree to create the image of sitting under the tree near a stream. Stones randomly placed near the lamp not only emphasize the sitting under the shade image but also provide kids a resting area when potential homebuyers are meeting with sale representatives.

Lunarian Creative Studio creates an illusion of a large, peaceful space within what is really a small, confined area while also evoking an outdoor feeling and bringing the outdoor feeling indoors.

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