The design reflects consideration for personal experiences from the spiritual,cultural,and sensory perspectives-envisioning a new and irreplaceable kind of energy.There is a continuous flow of energy between humans,space,and nature that propels us to a novel experience of luxury.
To starts the transformation by refurbishing the basic engineering infrastructure and rearranging the layout to restore the site back to a clean and basic state.
Introducing Green Elements
Self-sustained plantation walls have been introduced near the structural column between the windows in the living room.Two suitably sized mirror boxes have been installed at the top of the two vertical plantation walls to reflect the full view of the indoor garden.
An Interior Bathed in Sunlight
Lighting is the best background for the living space.With light,all colors,objects,and shades become prominent.
Back to Zero
In this living space, you can revert to basics.A large gray surface is used throughout the common area. With the playful use of blocks, a three-dimensional continuous image is produced, which gives the common area a sense of flow.

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