A beautiful balcony can enhance living quality and lend a special touch to a building’s presence. The development brief for the new Barcelona model was no less demanding. Pared down to essentials, it boasts clear lines and impressively airy elegance. The colour of the horizontal aluminium elements can be varied and combined aesthetically with stainless steel.

It was no accident that we chose to name it after the Catalan capital with its special relationship to design. In 2010, Leeb celebrated its 1.5 millionth metre of balcony and fencing. This equates to the distance from the company’s headquarters in Gnesau to Barcelona.

Designed for excellent longevity, it features high-end softline edges, concealed screw fittings and a sturdy corner frame construction. The harder aluminium alloy with 20% higher strength protects against hail and other mechanical impacts. This model is easy-care and virtually maintenance-free thanks to the highly weather-resistant, dirt-repellent Alu Comfort Plus® coating. It ensures considerably fewer changes in colour and gloss level than with a standard coating. So even after many years, your balcony will still look as good as new.

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