This is a built in the new Metropolitan area of North Taiwan.The interior space is about 230 spuare-meters.We assumed that the owner is a successful person which full of experience and lifestyle, this design is comfortable and full of vision.Designer had been to Cotes du Rhone to visit Le Clos du Caillou winevillage, and left a deep impression of the gem-like grapes. So, he hopes that he can pay tribute to French nature style by this design. Façade of dining room uses marble material, in group with dendrites like spherical lighting which is on top of the dining table and reflection of bird-resting-shape light from study room, just like the scene gem-like grapes, and birds are resting on certain distance,brings in elegant artistic atmosphere and full of fun mood.
Some of the facade used wooden elements,which inputting humanity and warmth into the space. However, marble as the material to television main wall and wall of dining room as the focal point of space. The television wall has also infused mirror and wooden material into it, so that the hard heavy feeling of marble can be decrease.different materials and color creating different layers. infuse artistic atmosphere into space.

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