This sample house is separated with screen door base on different demands. The combination of cold and warm materials tends to make the entire place double personality, active and settled. The flow in the reception center is consistent with concept, full of fun and vibe.
There’s no overly-done in the living room, the focus is fully about the wall paper. When the host and his friends are resting in the living room, they get to have the settled and secured feelings. And the green plants in there totally brings up the life to the entire place, sort of takes away the loneliness that the city gives you. The fireplace is the center of the house, no matter for Western or Asia people. On the other side of the fireplace, there’s a painting full of abstract characters. The designer is good at putting the right items in the right place as always. The small mirrors at the entryway is being replaced with big and large mirrors, makes the bedroom more private and intimate.

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