This case is a mezzanine in a complex. The indoor stairway was right at the entryway, not only does it block the whole place, but the flow is weird. So moving that stairway to next to the wall is the priority, and also enlarge the foot of the stair. The courtyard in the middle brings in all the sunlight and that makes the entire place more refreshing. The lines of the stairway looks so sophisticated and the interior structure gives it a solid feel, fulfills the goal with functionality and beauty. And the built-in storage cabinets on the wall is definitely the spotlight here, totally upscale and chic.
The focus on the ground floor is this custom-made long dinner table, made of marble, the metal feet are being placed in different direction. The lamp above the table is ball-like shape in an irregular way, full of fun. The green wall idea is being implemented in this case, trying to maximize the indoor greenery. The greenery is one for air purification and two to create a sense of belonging in this quiet place.

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