Life is a collage of different scenes and integrations, through a space imagination experiment for a variety of materials combinations, it represent all with a new eyesight.

Imagine how to combine the stiff concrete texture with natural wooden elements, with the use of strong contract and symmetry, the concrete here as a framework which gently wrapped the wood cabinets. We try to create a more spacious, but slight and graceful image in this three-bedroom basic pattern. And in a similar way of the material experiment, we make a comparison in between the delicate texture of the formwork and the fine grain of the solid wood. It is an interesting dialog with mirroring and reflection, exquisite and rough, and smooth and texture. In addition, setting up the shrine in the restaurant , it integrated the traditional habits and modern life with the flaps and flat ceiling shape which transform and rebuild the atmosphere, as if the two present in the same space, both opposition, and coordination .

Flap as the main elements, in order to approach all kinds of conflict and harmony, we also tried to reflect the design concept in every details, such as we made a vertically interlaced with the wooden oblique cabinet and metal plates, or horizontal assembled the cast-iron painted bookshelf with the montage of solid wood. And for the table legs, said two-way ramp design vaguely responds to the sense of fine point for the ceiling design. Looking forward through such a material and wrinkle experiment, we can have a possibility to find out a colorful space scene in the city.

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