The Wish Dental Clinic design integrated its CIS to present a vibrant image to relief the fear youth typically have towards dentists. The heart shaped logo extends to become the ceiling for the reception. The use of curves softens the space and brings it closer to people’s hearts. The navy blue color scheme represents professionalism and sincerity in service delivery, hence the clinic name. Organic shape is used in the reception design to bring liveliness to the space represented by the heart protrusion external to the reception desk. Indirect amber lighting is employed to provide a calming space for the clients in the waiting room. The space is unconventional replaces the dental clinic atmosphere with homely warmth. The second floor reception is back to back with the consulting room where geometry sculpt is used. Merging technology & fashion, the semi-open plan treatment area continues the stress-relieving curves. The use of white light in the treatment area is to ensure sufficient lighting to support accurate clinical examination.
Post-modern and futuristic style mix aligns perfectly to the CIS color scheme creating a highly variable space using shades of blue and white.

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