After two years of construction, the expansion of the 90-hectare winery Markus Schneider from Ellerstadt will be completed on May 1st, 2016, with completion of a new winery. The winery covers an area of nearly 5000 square meters and includes the shipment, a bottling hall, a bottle-warehouse and the barrique-cellar as well as a tasting room and a guest loft with a private tasting room. A free-standing cubic office building is a head-end structure that marks the start of the ensemble. The new buildings stand out in anthracite against the dark, undulating Haardt mountain range, blending in beautifully with the general landscape and the endless rows of of vines. Planned gaps break up and section the building complex into zones, creating striking vistas and spatial experiences. The ensemble features a cassette ceiling, which is not only reminiscent of the vaults of historic barrel cellars, but also acts as a high load-bearing structural element.The entire concrete construction has a full-length uninsulated basement in direct contact with the ground. The resulting structural/physical activation of the subsoil ensures that the temperature of the wine storehouse remains at a constant 12°C.

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