Bench model Versio Juno is an interpretation of bench-series Versio designed for highly frequented public localities. Its’ structural requirements focus on the bare essentials, precise function with regard to the formal and technical longevity. Reduced to the absolute basic function, plain, inconspicuous and durable. A product which evolved successively based on an idea, is “en vogue” but incompliant.

The choice of material, dimensioning and surface areas are designed to keep maintenance and servicing to a minimum despite intensive long-term utilization. The 12 cm wide concrete side-element is cast in either light-grey or dark-grey standard colors.

The wooden seat and backrest are made of untreated FSC-hardwood. Due to the high self-resistance of FSC-hardwood, waterproofing or glaze coating are unnecessary. FSC-hardwood has an outstanding longevity but the maintenance of untreated hardwood is minimal.

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