Intended to house a library and a theater, this grand and transformative architectural project was to become a focal point on campus and raise the university and the city center to a new level. We contributed the visual identity and the Wayfinding system to Univates Cultural Center project.

Our main goal was to integrate our work with the architecture. For us, this would be more valuable to the environment than to individual communication elements themselves.

Using the Cultural Center’s facades and the University’s visual imagery, we created an identity that reflects the whole scenario. The Wayfinding abstracts these references, using the lines of the environment and its new identity in the forms of the elements and features of the pictographic system.

When the 5th annual Bornancini Prize was awarded in November, we won 3rd place in the Signage System category for the Univates Cultural Center Wayfinding System. We’re proud of this achievement because it is a significant recognition of the dedication with which we do all our work.

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