UniRe is a set of inclusive recycling bins promoting environmental protection. According to the United Nations, the visually impaired (VI) today are discriminated in social and environmental activities. They face the most difficulty to locate, approach, use the recycling bins. In Latin, ‘unire’ means to unite, to put together and to join. UniRe provides easy-accessible Braille and tactile symbols to facilitate the VI to join recycling. Or, the VI do not need to use hands to contact the bins directly. The patented Smart-VI interactive system allows the VI to use the mobile phone to identify the location and category of the bins. They may also hold the recyclable to ‘feel’ the shapes of openings to identify the bins. User-tests conducted in numerous places (2013-2014) for the VI with different backgrounds and demographics show that the bin are easily recognized. The bins are with non-toxic anti-bacteria coating. The covers with contrast colours let the mild-grade VI to identify the bins easily. The bin itself is made of eco-friendly recycled metal. Its simple form and patented hooks for the inner-plastic bag give benefit for production, storage, transportation and maintenance.

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