Berlin has 790 hotels and B+Bs, with over 11 million guests and 26 million overnight stays per year. Hotels need to stand out from the masses and offer something special. This is why the nhow Berlin targets music lovers, specifically musicians. No matter whether they are here on tour or for private reasons, nhow offers everything a musician needs: an integrated high-end sound studio, guitar room service, open mic nights and an in-house music manager.
In order to make the brand experience more comprehensive, nhow Berlin asked us to develop a guidance system.
It is based on the existing corporate design to complement the extraordinary interior design by New York designer Karim Rashid and meshes seamlessly with Sergei Tchoban’s architectural concept.
The guidance system consists of well-known songs from various genres, from current hits to classics. The texts are matched to corresponding places within the hotel such that every interaction with them becomes a musical journey – all without any music being played. The experience is extended digitally via an nhow Berlin playlist on Spotify that includes all the songs. This allows guests to take the music home with them.

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