Once again, let’s back to the ORIGIN to allow nature to infiltrate our lives. The nature is penetrating the specific unit of land, a limited artificial space, awakes the human’s consciousness echoing in nature. The production systems are fully supported by the energy efficiency management system which combining the clean energy solar photovoltaic system and the wind power generation system. On the premise of being friendly for ecology, it is important to create the most efficient ecological green network and enhance the flow of biomass energy. For the hydrological system, it includes the rainwater and water recycling systems, and the waterfall design cooling system; the symbiosis ecological pool is considered for soil conservation and environmental protection function. The application of fair-faced concrete intended to reduce the use of furnish materials. Introducing the daylighting and the benefit of microclimate from hydrological system can improve the use of lighting and air conditioning. The mentioned result is our hard work for the land and is the positive responsibility in facing the environment.

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