1.The introduction of “open” design concept throughout the whole space, reduce the gap, students and teachers to create more the opportunity to interact with each other, in the form of movable desk and chair in the classroom, more easy to let the student team discussion and interaction, to increase the fun of learning, and with a small way of teaching, to achieve high quality learning goals.

2.Color matching with rich color introduces indoor, the colour theme of every classroom has its corresponding to the function of the divisional space with the colour of profusion, and improve students’ cognition and logical thinking ability in color, and create a space of interest.

3.Integrate elements such as hanging chairs, lego walls and graffiti walls into the whole space, stimulate the creativity and imagination of the brain through fun and fun learning environment, and let students learn in play.

4.In combination with the idea of “wisdom” of the classroom, through science and technology of copy and play facilities, real-time video of the teaching content, can let students to review after class, the teacher in the improvement of the teaching content, make learning become efficient

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