The creation of our world, shaped by unrestrained
powers, expressivity, coincidence, pure energy and
the union of billion small particles to one vast entirety,
that constantly moves and evolutionary-revolutionary
changes. Eternal processes: recurring beginnings
creating something new – sometimes dynamically,
sometimes quite, sometimes explosively
expressive, sometimes slow, sometimes uncontrollably
The smallest part, the dust particle: seemingly insignificant,
however its conglomeration creates stars and
planets – life. We interpreted the particle to its simplest
graphical archetype – the dot. Comprehensible for
every human being regardless their age, nationality,
education and faith.
Out of this arose the allegory of the Schunk-world:
thousands of employees are part of a bigger picture.
They are individual carbon particles, only possible
to bring something new and great into being in
connection with other elements.
This dynamic, constantly changing, process moves
Through the entire architecture, accompanies the
visitors, takes them by their hands – always in motion
between loud and quiet.
The first drawings of mandkind already originated in
hand and finger prints.

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