‘space dot two’ created information of space based on the ‘platform of thought and collaboration.’ Using floor painting, it expressed the basic flow line with the ‘stream of thought’ that formed order and logic through the prop mould called the ‘flow chart.’ The ‘stream of thought’ and space information that is spread on the floor flows along the hang-ing signage and the movable signage and indicates each meeting space and detailed space in three dimensions. The process itself to find each meeting space is the process to reach the ‘stream of thought’ and changes two-dimensional information to the ‘three-dimensional platform.’ What it wanted to express through the ‘stream of thought’ and the ‘three-dimensional platform’ is the value elicited by our thought and collaboration. The value is finally presented through the ‘light’ as a metaphor. The light coming through the LED hidden behind translucent polycarbonate is bright but not too harsh, and exposes our clear thoughts and values all over the place.

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