skai® Alux is the name of the new outdoor film from the surface specialist Hornschuch, one of the world’s leading film providers. The innovative outdoor film is used during the manufacturing process for the lamination of window profiles, doors, garage doors, and façades in order to create color and design accents on the building envelope. Effect pigments are used during the printing process, which create the iridescent shimmering effect of powder coated aluminum in combination with the embossing. A unique, highly precise laser engraving technique makes this brilliant look possible with never before seen quality. The light film is only 0.21 mm thick, highly scratch resistant and optimally equipped for outdoor use, meaning it is weather resistant in sun, rain, or frost. As with all skai® outdoor films, the patented Hornschuch cool colors technology provides proven protection for film and substrate, by noticeably reducing the absorption of heat in direct sunlight by means of special pigments. Available in eight colors, skai® Alux visually improves construction elements. The film – in contrast to painting or powder coating – makes them look homogenous with regard to the achieved color.

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