The Scooterpod™ is a unique and compact storage solution just for scooters! The fun and colorful innovation is ideal for nursery and primary schools, securing up to 12 scooters! Like all Cyclepods’ products, the Scooterpod™ is manufactured in the UK and available in 100% recycled materials. The Scooterpod™; another space – saving, secure and eco-friendly design which doesn’t require foundations!
– Secures up to 12 Scooter’s
– Can be halved and placed against a wall
– Requires no foundations, just a solid level floor
– Accommodates all types of scooters including “micro scooters”
The Scooterpod is able to be installed in half’s which helps utilize space.

The Scooterpod encourages children to Scoot to school through its fun and funky design! As the Scooterpod is manufactured from Recyclable materials, it also teaches children about the environment and the importance of recycling.

Through encouraging children to Scoot with Scooterpod less children are travelling to school via car.

Since launched (early 2012) we have sold 2,016 units which secure 24,192 scooters everyday! Scooterpods have been installed all round the world!

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