concept-development „approach“ to convey the corporate identity. based on the concept, spatial graphics and an accompanying orientation system were designed – a fractal journey through the corporate culture of philipp hafner. the company stands for highest precision in production measurement technology. 22quadrat discovered the cultural principles of the company to be a never-ending journey into the smallest measurable entities. the working methods are subject to permanent reflection and optimisation by continuous analysis and constant specialisation. the spatial graphics reflect the things only visible with the help of philipp hafner‘s production measurement technology – minimal deviations of smallest units, in micrometre range. the original drawings, based on a 0.05 millimetre line width, were applied to the walls, enlarged by the factor 20. the natural unevenness of ink on paper was preserved and can be seen in all it‘s fragility on the walls. the spaces between the parallel lines show never repeating changes – between extreme compression to large free spaces. the high standard during the application of the sophisticated graphics, illustrates the companies desire for precision.

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