Prehistoric petrified wood stood godfather for the charming formal language and materiality of slim-shaped and graceful concrete surface coverings.
High-end quality in concrete and intelligent manufacturing technologies of MASSIMO products have been developed further on and created a stunning new generation of paving systems, regarding design and product qualities, that is perfectly usable.
MASSIMO planks with the look and characteristics of petrified wood transfers this precious und impressing evidence of geological history wright into the center of our life.
The width of 16, 18, 20 and 22 cm adapts the standard sizes of the wood industry, the length of 250 cm revolutionizes formal language and reflects the possibilities of concrete as a sustainable material. The clear shape enables to design paved surfaces in a timeless unique way outdoor.
MASSIMO planks can be paved within areas without traffic on top of base layers without binder. Joint widths from 5 to 10 mm can be filled up with fractured gravel or sand without binder and permeable to water as well as the bedding. A bearing sub-construction is not required.
The design of the joints is free and exiting regarding the results.

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