JTBC is one of the leading broadcasting channels in Korea. The design concept of JTBC is literally derived from the channel slogan, “Coloring Your World.” The geometric shapes of the logo are paired with a four color unit system to make up the JTBC design identity. This project was to re-design the public space of the first, second, third floor of the new company building, relocated in January, 2015. The design motive was to use apply the geometric shapes and lines of the logo and to materialize it into three dimensional space. Application of the JTBC’s design identity is evident on various parts of the first floor café, brand shop and the information lounge, and also, a various display of TV contents on the third floor. Also, using the on-air JTBC brand identity colors, a flip-wall was installed behind the information desk and the lounge area to illustrate JTBC’s graphic motion design.

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