innsbruck. the characterless exhibition centre has been given a new identity: old-style cacophony has been overlaid with a new and harmonious vibe.
national flags – intrinsic to the exhibition centre’s business – form the basis of the graphic design. they have been divested of their heraldic elements – the shields and animals, the swords, sabres and stars – and of their national colour schemes, and allocated a single colour shade along with text. the individual text-patterns are assigned to particular halls where they fulfil a wayfinding function. when the text-patterns are lined up together in the orientation overviews, the individual patterns become part of a different, larger system. the result is a systematic chaos, an orderly disorder, that responds to the venue’s intrinsic disorderly qualities. the brightly coloured strips make a bold statement, standing out against the non-uniformity of the setting. in the neatly dimensioned and relatively monochrome new building they add contrast and variation, providing a rhythmic element that naturally expands to cover whole walls in particular locations – such as staircases, a restaurant and the underground car park.

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