“Gu-roomi” is a convenient module type moving bench.
Gu-roomi got its name from the Korean word Gu-roomi, the origin of a word that means the clouds based on the shape of the clouds gathered and dispersed. The nuance of Gu-roomi also means ‘to roll’ in Korean having the meaning of a moving bench. The outdoor moving bench can be moved and fixed without an additional operation. Because a park bench in general is fixed it is designed to look at only a specific direction. This bench, however, can be moved slowly towards the desired direction and fixed by the pressure when a person sits on it. It provides users with a variety of experience through the diversified combinations. It can be used as a simple chair with a different height, or as a table or a trailer for user preference. The combined moving bench can create a vibrant space by adding the formative beauty as well as the simple functional effect. The spring type wheel supporting the structure is specially designed to be used in an exterior space and clearly performs its role of moving and fixing in an external environment. We are planning a product line of the various motifs using the simple structure.

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