Green Hunger is a set of recycling bins promoting sustainability and inclusiveness. It illustrates the ‘hunger’ and ‘eagerness’ of an eco-friendly environment. Its baby-bird image attracts people’s attention and urges immediate awareness action on recycling participation. People with different backgrounds and ages can easily appreciate the meaning behind. It is with low costs in production and management. It is made of recycled metals which are durable and suitable for different environments. The bin surface is coated with anti-bacteria paint for hygiene purpose. A newly invented hocking system eliminates the internal container and holds plastic bag easily. The inclusive design considers the needs of people with special needs, in particular the visually impaired (VI). Its highly contrast colours at the openings with different colours allow the mild grade VI to identify different bins easily. An ordinary battery and solar-cell battery operated Smart-VI (patented) interactive device is included that it sends out signals under digital request of the VI when they approach the bins. The VI can use the mobile phone to identify the location and category of different bins.

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