Gold Mantis Business School is located in Suzhou University Dushu Lake campus, the building in two phases, with a total construction area of 27,639.42 M ². The first phase put into use in 2016, with a total construction area of 10360.58 M², capacity classrooms, multi-purpose lecture hall, reading room, coffee shop, restaurant as one, can simultaneously train 1,000 people. The overall design idea is: remodeling, change, beyond! Create an international, modern and humane space design atmosphere, highlighting the cultural heritage of Suzhou University, at the same time, outlines the development of the school a hundred years and the future path.
Golden Mantis Business School As an important site on the road to knowledge, we have created a small indoor attraction on both sides of the entrance gate, meaning that life has undergone an important stop. Here are the elements of the London Kings Cross Station leading to the Hogwarts School of Magic, with English post offices and benches, long to know the road, not to run, we need to stop, need to look back, need to think about, and then go forward …

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