GM TOPROLL PARAPET is the overall solution for balcony glazing.
The system comprises a variable glass parapet and versatile full glass sliding elements. The sliding glass elements run on several tracks and can be moved to the right and left as required. The GM TOPROLL PARAPET system is used as a practical solution for protection against the effects of the wind and weather with an appealing visual effect on balconies, loggias and conservatories. Additional visual effects can also be achieved by means of a satin finish and/or mattand coloured films on the parapet panels and also the sliding glass elements. The GM TOPROLL PARAPET can be fitted to several types of building structure. Depending on the static dimensions, the uprights can be made of vertical wall cleats or alternative of flat steel bars or tubes. The system is designed for simple installation. Cylinder push locks ensure additional protection. With the track-proven combination of mechanical fixture of the glass elements by bolts and additional adhesive in the upper runner, Glas Marte does not make any compromises.

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