What would a roof be like if it incorporates corporate social responsibility? This was the question the world’s leading company in motherboard asked itself when it wanted to renovate the headquarters’ roof. The roof turns out to be an innovation that brings in elements of sustainability and ecology with more than 170 types of plants, including 130 native species. The roof, designed to mimic nature, is based on the concept of nature and human thriving together. While abundance of plants visually appeals to employees that seek relaxation and fun, they also attract more than 100 types of insects. The roof becomes an urban eco corridor that contributes to biodiversity, creates dynamic ecological balance, and achieves low maintenance.
The roof uses renewable energy such as solar and wind power. Rainwater is collected for irrigation and pond water replenishment. Eco roof contributes to lowering of temperature and saving energy. In all, it is a roof perfect for environmental education.

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