Essertop KARAT is a new developed and designed flat glass skylight system.
The facets of diamond cutting are used as characteristic design elements to communicate the strong materials and quality of statics as well as the diamond shaped opening. The effective, innovative V-shape with its inclined outsides extends the unobstructed view to the sky and enlarges the usage of natural light and air by 125% compared to conventional designs. The V-shape design gives a strong structure, ensures easy maintenance access and contains the advanced operation technologies- completely invisible from inside. To keep the crystal clear view to the outside, electronic shading is integrated into the heat-insulating glass and operated with wall switch, the ventilation also by radio remote control, smartphone or tablet. Looking from the rooftop all characteristics of a skylight are included in a framed, flat, glossy glass superstructure with horizontal lines and floating appearance, connected to the roof by vertical lines and dull surface. For additional stability, the metal parts of the structure are bend in a subtle designed radius to divide proportions and to follow the parallel lines of the roof.

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