The DropBucket waste bin is innovative, practical and environmentally friendly. Order this sustainable waste bin now in the Red Dot Shop.

Our growing environmental awareness brings with it a recurring question: what do to with the rubbish? The sustainable DropBucket waste bin provides an innovative answer.

Because it is not only the inner values that count

A special feature of the DropBucket waste container is the material from which it is made, as the designer waste bin is made 100% from recycled cardboard. Cardboard is environmentally friendly and is also inexpensive to produce. In addition, it can simply be disposed of with the rest of the rubbish once the waste bin is no longer needed. Last but not least, the design is extremely sturdy, making it suitable for almost any use.

Simple to use

This highly functional designer waste bin also has other advantages. The choice of material makes it surprisingly light, and it is requires very little space when folded together – thus also allowing even larger numbers of DropBuckets to be transported wherever they are needed without any trouble. A special folding technique ensures that only a few steps are necessary before the waste bin is ready for use.

Pure efficiency

Its well-executed design means that enough waste bins can always be provided without encountering any logistical problems. At the same time the waste bin is environmentally friendly, as it is made from recycled material. DropBucket was awarded a Red Dot: Best of the Best in 2015 in recognition of its innovative take on the classic waste bin design that offers maximum efficiency. This sustainable waste bin is available now in the Red Dot Shop in the sizes medium and mini.

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