The Dongdaemun Design Plaza (hereafter DDP) is the largest Irregular architecture in the world.
The DDP is easily recognized as a single architecture from outside, whereas it has three disconnected structures from inside. This is the reason why visitors often encounter difficulties to find the ways in the organic and spiral space without windows.
In designing wayfinding, the priority is placed on how visitors understand architectural characteristics of the building and to overcome the sense of difference between the historical site found from the developmental phases and the local reality in which 37 super-sized fashion shopping malls and 35,000 shops are closely located.
The Wayfinding System of DDP, as an integrated Wayfinding System for local connectivity, provides road-finding informations that is highly segmentalized into complexes and local maps.
It also, as a part of the architecture, reflects the architectural exterior features and landscape characteristics in the integrated guide information

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