Tarkett, a flooring and sports surface solution provider, released a comprehensive guideline about using colours and patterns in flooring to facilitate orientation and wellbeing of Alzheimer patients. Alzheimer’s disease has become a public health policy priority for a large number of European countries. Given current projections, it will be a major challenge to develop specialised facilities fitted with the appropriate interior design and flooring for patients with this disease. While suitable medical treatment may be central to the quality of the care, a comfortable environment is also closely linked to patient well-being. Tarkett’s design team conducted specific research and expert interviews to address this challenge. The research highlights the sensory power of design on human behaviour and wellbeing. Specific patterns, use of light, colours and colour combinations have important impacts on patients affected by Alzheimer disease. Good design can stimulate remembering, reduce anxiety, reassure on spatial orientation, alert on dangers without stigmatising patients. The guideline provides recommendations and clear directions to design the righ sensorial environment for each area

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